The aim of a clinical facial is to address problems, improve the skin health and prevent significant skin issues.  Acne can be helped, rosacea can be improved, lines & wrinkles can be softened, scarring corrected, skin can be tightened, signs of aging can be reduced!

Leading technologies are often used such as radio frequency, LED, vacuum or cavitation.  You’ll see medical grade products on the practitioner’s trolley rather than cosmetic products.  Some of which may require prescriptions!  You may also see needling devices used in a controlled damage treatment to regenerate tissue, stimulate collagen & elastin or chemical peels, with the same purpose.  these treatments will have made a difference to your skin health, and over time, will show significant & sometimes dramatic differences!

Below are the Facials we offer at Changes Clinic:


The ultimate facial

If you are looking for a medical grade facial to remove excess oils and dirt from the skin’s surface and pores while deeply hydrating and plumping the skin?

What benefits can you expect from a Hydrafacial?

💧 Cleanse + Peel – The treatment unveils a new resurfaced layer of skin with gentle exfoliation

💧 Extract + Hydrate – The Hydrafacial extracts dirt and oils from the pores with painless suction while nourishing with moisturiser

💧Fuse +Protect – Using peptides and antioxidants to add a  youthful glow to the skin

For best results, a treatment once every 4- 6 weeks is recommended!

Picture 1- Acne before and after
Picture 2- Fine lines and wrinkles before and after



A highly effective exfoliation procedure, dermaplaning involves the removal of the topmost layer of dead skin and vellus hair (or peach fuzz i.e. the tiny baby hairs) on a person’s face. The skin feels rejuvenated and smoother afterwards. A sterile surgical scalpel is used for the procedure similar to shaving. Dermaplaning promotes smoother, nourished skin. Make up glides onto skin making it a fantastic facial for soon to be brides or prior to a big event. The treatment is suited to both men and women with most skin types including dry skin however, skin with acne (grade 3 and above) should not be dealt with. Breakouts should be clear before any treatment is done. It is not advised to have the treatment on excessively oily skin. If the oil has no hairs to cling to the oil appearance will worsen. 


  • smoother skin (texture is improved)
  • removal of vellus hair
  • skin allows deeper and more effective penetration of skincare products
  • For women makeup will have the tendency to glide on the skin instead of having a powdery effect
  • skin breathes better
  • acne scars are diminished

Dermaplaning is also used to help prepare skin for more intrusive procedures such as laser treatments and chemical peels.

An enzyme peel is carried out after dermaplaning to make sure that dead skin cells are removed from the pores.

Obagi Blue Radiance peel

If you struggle with dull or problem skin then the Obagi Blue Radiance Peel is a fantastic option for you.

A gentle radiance boosting peel removes the top layer of skin to reveal renewed, fresher and more youthful skin. Great for skin in need of a glow!

This treatment uses Salicylic acid to deeply penetrate pores and decongest the skin. Targeting spots at the very core and exfoliating the skin, regular Obagi Blue Radiance Peels will leave you with a healthier, fresh appearance from the first treatment.

RF Facial

Radio Frequency is a skin tightening technique great for those of us that would like skin rejuvenation. The facial uses energy to heat up the skin, causing collagen to stimulate and elastin to bounce back reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

LED Mask

Eliminates toxins, improves healing and circulation of the blood – A must have for reducing imperfections and improving lymph circulation.

What benefits can you expect from an LED facial?

Red light 👉 Anti ageing, collagen boosting and rejuvenating – Perfect for fine lines and wrinkles

Blue light 👉 Anti bacterial & soothing – Great for acne

Violet light 👉 Anti inflammatory

Eliminates toxins, improves healing and circulation of the blood – A must have for reducing imperfections and improving lymph circulation.

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