About lesion and blemish removal

Due to NHS cutbacks, GPs no longer remove cosmetic lesions or blemishes.

Changes specialise in the complicated process of facial lesion and blemish removal. We don’t freeze off blemishes but remove them carefully via surgery. Our dedicated surgeon is very particular and fastidious with stitch/suture placement, giving the best possible outcome. Our patients can rest assured they won’t end up with a scar instead of a mole.

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Skin Cancer Protection

  • The most common sign of melanoma is the appearance of a new mole or a change in an existing mole.
  • In most cases, melanomas have an irregular shape and are more than 1 colour.
  • The mole may also be larger than normal and can sometimes be itchy or bleed.
  • Look out for a mole that gradually changes shape, size or colour.

Any mole removed by us will always be sent to histology for tests. You will receive a report, which is copied and sent to your GP.

Mole removal: what to expect


The first stage of removal is assessment of your area of concern. You will be able to meet with our surgeon who can answer questions and assess what treatment is needed.

The mole will be assessed for difficulty of removal and we will discuss your desired outcome.

Mole Removal Procedure

Our surgeons and doctors carefully remove moles using either shave excision, hydro cautery, or incision using a scalpel. You may receive local anaesthetic, but this is not always needed.

The procedure takes between 30-60 minutes.


In addition to receiving a report for you and your GP, full aftercare advice will be given to you when you attend your appointment with us.

Our experts will ensure that you receive the results you desire, and won’t receive a scar instead of a mole.


  • Commonly found on the face, neck, body and sometimes genitals, a cyst is a bump filled with fluid just underneath the surface of the skin. These can be small or large, and are normally white or yellow in colour.
  • Cyst removal by a qualified surgeon or doctor is the best way to ensure safe and aesthetic results.
  • Cyst removal takes less than an hour.
  • Patients are given an anaesthetic to numb the skin, an incision is made and the cyst is removed completely.
  • Normally cysts are not sent to histology unless they appear unusual or suspicious.


  • A lipoma is a fatty lump that sits between the skin and muscle. It can feel soft, but raised, and they are usually harmless. These lumps under the skin can show through clothing, they can grow larger and begin to ache due to the weight, hence why we offer removal.
  • It is very rare for lipomas to develop into a cancerous lump, but we will send every lipoma removal to the lab to rule out Liposarcoma. The procedure is inclusive of histology, both you and your GP will receive a full report.
  • Lipomas are removed via a small incision, and our expert surgeons and doctors carry out this practice with minimal scarring.
  • Once the removal is complete, it is extremely rare for lipomas to reoccur in the same spot.

Skin tags

  • These small, soft, skin-coloured growths can occur on anyone. They sometimes appear with hormonal changes such as pregnancy, or where skin rubs against clothing or excess skin folds.
  • Skin tag removal is very straightforward and can usually be carried out by our trained practitioners. However, with more complicated skin tags (for instance when they are attached to a blood supply) our surgeon may be required.
  • Skin tags can be removed via Sterex Electrolysis or in complicated cases they can be surgically removed using local anaesthetic.
  • The procedure takes less than an hour and multiple skin tags can be removed in one session.

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    Why choose us for mole or lesion removal?

    Though our treatments are carried out by expert doctors and surgeons, we ensure they are offered at an affordable rate as we know these procedures are not available on the NHS.

    We can consult and remove at the same appointment, giving you thorough information on the process, what will work best for you and the aftercare process.

    The removals we offer are varied meaning our surgeons and practitioners are able to deliver the best possible results.

    Does the procedure hurt?

    A Skin lesion is a generic term used to describe lumps and bumps found on your body. Whichever type of mole or skin lesion you have, removal is virtually pain-free.  In most cases, to ensure your comfort during procedure, our medical practitioners will use local anaesthetic to numb the area before treatment commences.

    Is blemish removal permanent?

    It is our aim to provide you with a visually pleasing result for any removal, particularly if your lesion is on your face and we are pleased to say that treatments for milia, moles, skin tags, skin lesions, lipoma, xanthelasma and cysts are long lasting, often permanent. Rarely will there be a return of the same lesion in the same place, although if you are prone to some of these lumps, then you may acquire more through life. Those removed are the ones normally causing you irritation or some distress due to placement.

    How many treatments will I need for minor skin procedures?

    You will only need one treatment to remove any lumps and bumps from the skin and you will see results immediately. As a responsible medical practice we will advise when it is necessary to send any lesion for testing. We insist on histology (laboratory testing of the skin tissue to identify cells) for some removals in order to give you peace of mind and reassurance that tissue is benign. Our practitioners will advise you which they will send to the laboratory during the consultation.

    You can trust our team to give you great advice, affordable treatment rates and the very best visual result!

    How much does it cost?

    Prices start from:

    £99 for multiple small skin tag removals

    £350 for cyst removal

    £450 for mole removal (includes histology)

    £450 for lipoma removal (includes histology)

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