Radio Frequency Treatment for Weight Loss

Radio frequency treatment for weight loss will allow you to achieve the body shape you always desired! Radio frequency fat loss is a non-invasive treatment which allows you to target those stubborn areas which no workout or healthy diet can overcome!

This effective and amazing non-invasive treatment is focused on providing the patient with a smoother and remodelled body in which they can feel confident and proud. Although, liposuction is still a popular treatment, well known for targeting problem areas, with lasting results in the long term. If you are looking for a pain free solutions that gives fantastic results rf treatment for tummy could be the perfect solution for you.

Changes Clinic of Excellence offers a range of non surgical tummy tuck procedures with great success in Portsmouth, Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

Promax Lipo radio frequency treatment uses a combination of 3 advanced technologies Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency, and Vacuum Suction making this a sought after radio frequency treatment for weight loss

This powerful face and body system not only allows a clinic to offer dramatic facial skin tightening but also the three most popular body treatments – Inch Loss, Cellulite Reduction and Body Skin Tightening.

If you are considering Radio frequency to lose weight our range of Radio frequency fat loss treatments are ideal for targeting the following areas:

  •        Tummy
  •        Chin
  •        Arms
  •        Moobs (male breasts)
  •        Thighs
  •        Hips
  •        Arms
  •        Buttocks
  •        Love Handles
  •        Bingo wings

Promax Lipo radio frequency treatment is also very effective in tightening sagging skin, which may be due to earlier pregnancies or when the patient has lost a great amount of fat and the unsightly loose skin remains. Each Promax Lipo treatment takes between 30 to 45 minutes. With results visible in days, and remarkably no downtime!

Fat reduction via the Promax Lipo costs £59 per treatment or you can purchase a course of 12 sessions for £598.

Radio Frequency Treatment for Weight LossCellulite Reduction

It is a fact that there is no known cure for cellulite, however Promax Lipo minimises unsightly cellulite! We offer a fantastic Promax Lipo treatment to reduce cellulite for only £408

The ProMax Lipo system combines three state of the art technologies to get the optimum results for each person and the concern they are looking to address.

Check out how Promax Lipo works below;

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Sound waves penetrate deep into the fat layer causing vibrations and the formation of microbubbles within the interstitial fluid. As these bubbles collapse the resulting shock wave leads to a temporary change in the fat cell membrane allowing lipids to escape the cell and be ejected by the body. Perfect for stubborn areas of fat that prove unresponsive to exercise, such as abdomen, upper arms and outer thighs.

Radio Frequency

By emitting waves at just the right frequency to cause dermal heating within facial tissues Promax Lipo is able to achieve instant tightening and lifting. Perfect for around the eyes, jawline and neck, not only does the Promax Lipo instantly tighten but it also provides long term collagen stimulation for a younger, fresher appearance.The introduction of vacuum at this stage also improves circulation and removes toxins for a brighter complexion and reduction in dark circles.

Multi-polar Radio Frequency & Vacuum

Promax Lipo uses controlled waves of energy to heat the fat cells which increase circulation while reducing the appearance of cellulite. The thermal energy also results in instant collagen contraction and creates long term improvement to collagen fibres for firmer, tighter skin. Vacuum massage technology provides powerful lymphatic drainage to process the lipids released during cavitation and remove toxins to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Non-invasive tummy tuck

Non-invasive tummy tucks are possible now and are gaining popularity worldwide. A good majority of people are now using alternative tummy tuck procedures to reclaim their pre-pregnancy body or to enhance their look. For others it is the final step of their weight loss and diet regime. The question remains, whether a non-invasive tummy tuck will be the right option for you?

Alternatives to a surgical tummy tuck

Alternatives to a surgical tummy tuck

Conventionally a surgical tummy tuck is conducted by an aesthetic surgeon, making small cuts into the stomach for surgical implements to be inserted.

Different surgical procedures which can involve reconstructive surgery and suction can be used to remove fat cells and restore the stomach’s appearance.

An amazing alternative to these conventional procedures is the Inch Loss Treatment of Promax Lipo. This procedure uses a potent combination involving three technologies at the top of the market. Within 3 weeks’ time results are visible, with many losing inches and seeing a spectacular reduction of cellulite.

The majority of our patients here at Changes Clinic of Excellence are highly satisfied with their results achieved by our Promax Lipo non-invasive tummy tuck option.

I had the 12 week Promax treatment and have lost 4 inches in total! The staff here are wonderful, so caring, attentive and really friendly. A fantastic environment and I would recommend to anyone.”

Radio Frequency Body Contouring: the new Buzz

Radio frequency assists the skin to appear more peachy, youthful and more beautiful by tightening, firming, refreshing and plumping it. Such a treatment is offered by Changes Skin Clinic of Excellence via their Promax Lipo procedure.

Promax Lipo is a non invasive treatment and conducted without pain to enhance collagen production, decreasing cellulite’s appearance, while firming the skin and targeting stubborn fatty deposits which won’t shift, despite a regular exercise program.

With the aging process, elastin proteins and collagen which is helpful in supporting a tight skin-structure begin to wear down. Wrinkles, fine lines as well as a saggy look and dull appearance are imminent.

Radio frequency energy permeates the layers of the skin and selectively targets heat to the collagen fibres which are embedded in the skin tissue. An immediate reaction that takes place is the contraction of collagen fibres, administered by the heat. At the same time fat cells are drained and then they shrink.

This procedure stimulates the fibroblast cells which forms part of the connective tissue, to produce new elastin- and collagen fibres. The result is a smoother, younger looking and tighter skin. Whilst the fat cells are decreased, the persistent cellulite appears much less noticeable.

Check out our Radio frequency fat removal reviews below which give an isome great feedback on our non invasive radiofrequency treatments.

“I have been visiting changes now for a couple of months. I have had promax lipo, facials and waxing. The staff have been lovely and have been really accommodating when I need to bring my little girl with me or change appointment times. Katie on reception has always been really friendly and always gets me a coffee! Rosie has done most of my treatments, she is fab and explained the whole process, and after my initial pro max booking, I went on to book other treatments.

I love the promax lipo and can’t believe I haven’t had it before!! After 6 treatments I had got into my old jeans, which were a size smaller. I am having my 12th treatment today and can’t wait to see how many inches I have lost in total. It has shifted fat from my stomach that has not budged from exercise. Other staff that are equally lovely are Amy and Nicola. I will continue to use Changes for regular treatments such as nails, waxing and facials. Thanks!”

These body-contouring treatments can be a solution for individuals who wish to:

  •        Tighten, tone or sculpt the skin
  •        Improve their appearance by decreasing the loose skin or have a sagging or excess of skin. In general the treatment zones are the thighs, jowls, arms and stomach
  •  To increase circulation, lymphatic drainage and cellular metabolism.
  •        Firming and smoothing the skin’s texture.
  •        To enhance the production of collagen
  •        To diminish the look of cellulite
  •        To decrease stubborn fat deposits
  •      To decrease the volume and circumference of the treatment areas which are targeted.

When will the results be visible?

The majority of our patients are often surprised by the instant skin tightening achieved with our Promax Lipo Inch Loss treatments. In the days following your Promax Lipo treatment, your skin will also appear notably smoother whilst  your muscle tone will be more noticeable too.

If you are looking for a  radio frequency treatment which is focussed on results and is pain free, then Promax Lipo is the perfect radio frequency fat loss treatment for you. However, for long term results multiple sessions are advised. The number of treatments vary depending on how much fat you have to lose, however we have found the best results in patients who opt for between 6 and 12 Promax Lipo treatments,

Promax Lipo doesn’t just reduce fat it can also help to reduce flabby and loose skin, tighten and contour a loose post-pregnancy stomach, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, tighten and lift the buttocks and get rid of saddle bags.

radio frequency fat loss

Radio frequency skin tightening dangers

ProMax Lipo is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, which means there is no down time and normal day-to-day activities can be resumed immediately. The treatment area may be red and slightly tender following treatment, but this should subside within 24 hours. Those undergoing fat loss treatment may experience an increased need to urinate. This is completely normal, and is the result of triglycerides, from disrupted fat cells, being metabolised.

There may be a slight swelling after skin tightening treatments, but this should go down within a few hours.

. The Promax Lipo treatment for fat reduction is perfect for you when:

  •        You want to lose some inches from your waistline
  •        You wish to fit better into your tight fitting clothes
  •        You like to lose some excess body fat

A recent client came to us for a fat reduction and skin tightening solution check out their fantastic radio frequency slimming treatment review below;

” I am really pleased with the results I have got from Promax skin tightening I didn’t expect the results I got!”

The surgeons & practitioners: Changes Clinic of Excellence

We pride ourselves by carefully selecting each of our surgeons and practitioners and in doing so have created the best non-surgical and surgical team within the UK.

If you are unhappy with your sagging stomach, or you want your pre-pregnancy body back, the radio frequency fat loss treatment is the perfect solution. Perhaps you are looking to avoid surgical intervention, because of the risk related to surgery or have a heart- or other medical disorder, Promax Lipo treatment is ideal for you! Whilst a lot of surgical cosmetic surgery is offered by Changes, people who have a healthy BMI and are near to their ideal body weight, but have loose skin on their belly or fat deposits in areas like the tummy, arms, chin, thighs, hips or buttocks, will find Promax Lipo radio frequency treatment for weight loss an excellent solution.

If you are looking to spread the cost of your treatment or require credit get in touch as we offer a range of payment plans to suit all.

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