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There’s arguably nothing more alluring than a pair of full, tempting lips. However, as we age, our lips become less full and start to thin. This is because our body produces less of the protein collagen, which is responsible for giving us those pleasing plump pouts in the first place. Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can also damage collagen production. As such, many people, across all ages (thinning can begin in your twenties), suddenly find their natural lips have lost shape and volume. Thin lips and dented self-confidence remain. It’s no wonder that lip augmentation using lip fillers is popular with our clients as well as Hollywood movie stars and celebrities, keen to ensure theirs stay plump and gorgeous for the camera.


An effective, non-surgical treatment to enhance the lips using dermal lip fillers. Dermal filler is a gel-like acid injection to add volume, softening the signs of ageing. Depending on the specific lip fillers product used, results can are long term. Better still, lip treatments can stimulate the body’s own collagen production for a natural lip enhancement. At Changes Clinic in Portsmouth, we use a temporary lip filler which is absorbed by the body over time. This procedure is only ever performed by our resident professional GPs or nurses, following your consultation appointment. You can rest assured that your lip filler treatment is safe.

Lip Diagram


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is carefully injected. The amount of filler injected will be decided by your Changes Clinic practitioner depending upon the look you want. Our experts will ensure you avoid the trout pout look (too much filler) – you will choose to plump or naturally define during your consultation.


Lip fillers are suitable for both men and women, to boost the look of both or just one lip. Bringing symmetry to the face, hydration and volume, depending on your requirements. We have found the best lip fillers on thin lips are Juvederm and Princess Dermal Fillers. Both Juvederm and Princess fillers are made of hyaluronic acid that gives a subtle, natural look and lasting results.


Lip fillers are a medical treatment and not to be confused with a beauty treatment. Injections must only be administered by a medical practitioner or doctor. They are safe when you are treated by a qualified professional and are unlikely to cause a reaction. This is because hyaluronic acid fillers are made from products similar to those found in the body.


You may experience some bruising or initial swelling which may continue several days following your procedure.


There is a myth fillers only last for six months. Juvederm fillers results last between nine months to 18 months before the body starts to naturally break them down.


The price of fillers will depend on the brand of filler used. At Changes Clinic in Portsmouth, we pride ourselves in using the best quality products. Juvederm (made by Allergan – the world’s leading maker of hyaluronic acid) will cost from £350 for 1ml vial. Princess Lip Filler will cost from £250 for 1ml vial.

We buy our products from a registered pharmacy and can assured you that the fillers we use are the genuine product and not fakes. Unfortunately many fake products are available and may look the same. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is!

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You might feel some slight discomfort during your appointment as the product is injected but should not be in pain. We can numb you with a numbing product beforehand and make sure you are as comfortable as possible for this cosmetic procedure and post treatment. Dermal fillers treatment takes around 30 minutes.


Lip enhancement with semi-permanent makeup

Don’t like the sound of lip injections? Lip enhancements can also be achieved through non-plumping techniques. If you don’t fancy dermal fillers, then you could opt for Permanent Make-Up, whereby the colour gives the impression of fuller lips with more definition. This style of lip treatment lasts for up to four years – and just think of the savings you’ll make on lipstick!

Semi-permanent make up can help give back definition to the region around the mouth, but if you have smoker’s lines then dermal fillers or our Plasma Elite ionisation treatment is extremely effective. There will be zero invasion of the surrounding lip (perioral) area so we can resurface your skin whilst we stimulate your natural collagen and elastin to give fabulous results!


Why not check out our skin treatments too. We have a variety of facial injections to reduce the signs of ageing and achieve a more youthful appearance.

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Take a look at the before and after lip gallery photos below.

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    Lip augmentation

    You may feel you'd like fuller lips, or perhaps you feel one is smaller than the other.
    Fillers are used to enhance our lip size or give symmetry to unbalanced lip shapes. We use products that are especially designed for this part of the face.
    The area can be numbed or a dental block given if you wish and the treatment is carried out quickly with immediate results. Fillers are highly effective with very few side effects.
    Our doctor at Changes Clinic in Portsmouth can advise you on the ideal filler for the look you wish to achieve your desired result.

    Procedure Time
    up to 45 mins
    Full Recovery
    may be a couple of days
    Duration Of Results
    up to 6 months
    very low
    topical or local

    Smoker's lines

    Sun, stress & smoking all help to increase the timescale that we may develop lines around the mouth and lips.
    We have a choice of treatments to improve or eliminate fine lines in this area. Chemical skin peels or injecting Suenkos or Profhilo can be effective in resurfacing & stimulating our natural supply of collagen. Jett plasma ionisation will trigger healing with great results or for immediate results you may prefer dermal fillers. Medical grade skin care will help to maintain and improve the lines in this area of the lower face.

    Procedure Time
    up to 60 mins
    immediate/healing required
    Full Recovery
    with some treatments several days
    Duration Of Results
    very low
    topical with some treatments

    Semi permanent make up for lips

    Our make up artist, Naomi O'Hara, can give definition to your lip line and blush the area with colour using a range of pigments specially blended to suit you skin tone.
    No need to worry about losing your lipstick as the day goes on, simply have your lips micro pigmented to last for several years.
    A consultation to decide on colour & definition, along with 2 treatments is included with the treatment price.

    Procedure Time
    up to 90 mins
    full results 6 weeks post treatment
    Full Recovery
    several days
    Duration Of Results
    several years
    very low


    • Lip augmentation from £250
    • Plasma Elite ionisation £395 per treatment (or £1100 for 3)
    • Medical grade skin care from £28
    • Dermal filler from £250

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