Corrective ‘nose job’ procedures

As one of the body’s – let alone the face’s – most prominent features, our noses attract a lot of attention. Whether a distinctive Roman, a cute button or a charmingly-crooked nose, it can be something that many people are extremely self-conscious about. In fact, few of us would honestly admit they are entirely happy with theirs.

Our noses are determined not only by our genetic make-up (i.e. inheriting the Smith ‘honk’) but by our daily activities. Boxers and rugby players routinely suffer nasal trauma, new parents risk receiving a kick to the face on a daily basis when changing nappies, and plenty of people open doors / walk into posts / get involved in minor accidents. Everyday life can be hazardous!

Thankfully, there are ways to change a damaged, misshapen or big nose, the best-known probably being plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure in which the nose is reshaped, recontoured and corrected, if need be. It can be used to improve breathing function as well as the physical appearance.

However, for many people, the thought of going under the knife is extremely scary. If you’re anxious about that, Changes’ non-surgical nose reshaping treatment could be the ideal solution. Using dermal fillers, our doctors can fill out dents, smooth bumps and re-contour. Results can last for several months and the filler is safely absorbed by the body.

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Non surgical nose reshaping

For those of you not ready to go under the knife, we are able to re-contour and shape your nose with dermal fillers.
Ideally suited to balance a mis-shapen nose rather than reduce sizing, this procedure is highly effective in restoring confidence.
Our expert doctors use dermal filling on a frequent basis for nose reshaping and enlargement of flatter noses.

Procedure Time
up to 60 mins
Full Recovery
several days
Duration Of Results
6-24 months
very low
topical or local

Surgical nose correction (rhinoplasty)

With our expert team of surgeons who specialise in this procedure we are able to help correct any mis-shapen, large, long or crooked nose!
Facial balance is essential to enhance your look therefore good advice and experience is key to a great outcome.
Bruising & swelling is part of the process with several weeks of healing but results can be life changing!

Procedure Time
60-120 mins
couple months
Full Recovery
several weeks
Duration Of Results
general anaesthetic

Treatment area:

  • Nose


  • Non surgical nose reshape with dermal filler from £400
  • Surgical nose reshape from £4082

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