Here at Changes Clinic in Portsmouth, we are a transgender NHS approved provider of medical Gender Transition Treatments. This includes laser hair removal and IPL as well as medical tattooing. If you are a trans and non binary person due to undergo gender reassignment surgery or have already had surgery, we can help with your transition and preparation.

We are a NHS preferred partner/supplier of medical treatments for trans people. Our services help with confidence and are the final procedures of a person’s gender identity.

MTF Hair Removal Transition Treatment

Our expert practitioners can permanently remove unwanted face and body hair. These treatments are done using Laser Hair Removal or IPL prior to and after your surgery. We use Lynton Lumina equipment to perform the procedure at the clinic. This is the same equipment that is used within the NHS.

Our hair removal therapy is ideal for patients who are changing their sex or gender identity. Whether you are transitioning from male to female (mtf), or female to male we can remove hair from anywhere on the body including: the chin, arms, legs, chest and back, genitals and legs.

Medical Tattoo Treatments

Using professional techniques of Permanent Makeup and Medical Tattooing, we reconstruct the areola (nipple) to suit both the male and female form.

Females typically have larger areola. After surgery to remove breast tissue, (mtf) female-to-male trans patients may require their areola to be reduced. This will achieve an aesthetically more male look. Our surgeon at the clinic is meticulous about skin removal and can remove a ‘tyre-shaped’ area of skin from large areola, reducing them in size. Our scar camouflage and medical tattooist can then complete the treatment a few months later by colouring the area to match skin tone in order to make the tiny scar less visible.

A Clinic that Cares

At Changes Clinic we are LGBTQ+ friendly clinic. We are expert, certified practitioners, doctors and highly respected surgeons. We will work with you to provide the best quality life enhancing treatments.

Working as a NHS trusted Gender Transition Treatments provider, we will ensure that we provide you with fully informed advice and a professional service in a location local to you.

Following your hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery we can begin the hair removal or medical tattoo process.

We understand that physical transformations are important aspects along with hormone therapy, and have a huge impact on psychological feelings.

NHS Approved Gender Transition Treatments

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