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Is your hair thinning?  Have you always had thin hair?  Are you looking for the best hair loss treatment?  At Changes, we work together with experts from 4 teams to find a solution to your hair loss & thinning.  As a specialist & leading UK hair clinic we can offer you a choice of treatment depending on your budget and preference.   Firstly, you may need to understand why you are losing your hair, then perhaps you can take action to find some way of restoring it!

There is no hair loss cure, but we can advise you on the best course of treatment to give you the hair restoration you may be looking for.

You may be looking for a discreet and gradual change to hair restoration, or you may just want to take the plunge and go for hair transplant surgery, may be FUE or FUT ?

Changes Clinic can assess your level of male pattern baldness – we also treat female pattern baldness – and provide information on the best course of treatment to give you the hair replacement or hair growth outcome you require.

Perhaps you have prominent ears and you want them to stick out less. The earFold™ implant can be inserted subcutaneously under the skin of the ear under local anaesthetic.

The whole procedure is usually done within an hour while you relax and listen to the radio or watch TV Patients will be able to see an immediate change in the prominence of their ears after treatment. Bulky dressings are not required and healing occurs within days.

Hair Transplants and Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair Transplants and Hair Restoration Surgery

A hair transplant is the only known permanent solution to balding and thinning hair If thinning hair or baldness are affecting your self esteem, speak to the team at Changes Clinic. With...

Laser Hair Removal & IPL Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal & IPL Hair Removal

Goodbye razor, hello laser! Remove unwanted hair for good! There are so many ways to remove unwanted hair!  There are fewer ways to remove it for good! Would you like permanent hair reduction...

Thinning hair

Thinning hair

58% of men and over 6 million women experience in their life some form of hair thinning. There are many reasons why our hair becomes thin with a loss in density...

Trichology Clinic

Trichology Clinic

Are you suffering from hair loss or thinning hair? Has it been a gradual process or something that has come on suddenly? Are you feeling unsettled and upset your hair isn’t what...

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