There are so many ways to remove unwanted hair!  There are fewer ways to remove it for good!

You may be using a method you’ve been carrying out for years: waxing, epilating, shaving or threading are all alternatives to clinical hair removal methods.  However all of these methods simply provide temporary hair free areas requiring maintenance on a regular basis!  Even the latest hand held light devices sold on line and from high street stores are not powerful enough to give you permanent hair loss.

  • Would you like permanent hair reduction where the hair bulb is eliminated with the use of an IPL or laser?
  • Are you looking for an evidence-based treatment with high quality equipment proven to get rid of unwanted hair?
  • Do you want to know that your practitioner is clinically trained with the relevant qualifications & experienced to perform hair removal treatments?

IPL & Laser Hair Removal is a highly effective method of permanent hair reduction covering all areas of the face & body.  If you count the number of times we wax, epilate, or shave in a lifetime, then you can understand why Laser & IPL treatment is so popular to get rid of hair for good!

Number of treatments varies from 6-12 depending on client and area of the body!  You’ll be surprised how quickly you notice the difference.  But once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

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Laser Hair Removal & IPL Hair Removal

Permanent hair reduction can be achieved with either IPL or laser (dependent on your skin & hair colour). We use the highest integrity, clinically-proven medical grade hair removal equipment – Lynton Lumina. There are many types of IPL and laser hair removal equipment used in the hair removal market, however our equipment is British manufactured and listed on the NHS supply chain with Lynton having a reputation for providing superior equipment as a major supplier of medical devices.
Initially your skin tone will be determined in order to assess your suitability. You will then be patch tested and treatment can commence shortly after.
The light from the IPL or laser is attracted to the dense pigment in the hair follicle. Hair removal is achieved when the light destroys the hair follicle. Because our hair grows in cycles, we have to catch each cycle of hair growth and destroy it, so you will need between 6 & may be up to 12 treatments to destroy all hair.

Procedure Time
10-60 minutes depending on area
with loss of each hair cycle
Full Recovery
30-60 mins
Duration Of Results
very low

Treatment areas:

  • Face, chin, neck, ears
  • Underarm, arms
  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Back
  • Abdomen
  • Bikini
  • Perianal
  • Legs
  • Toes


  • Area Single Treatment Course Price if buying 6
    Eyebrows / Earlobes / Nose £35.00 £135.00
    Fingers / Upper Lip / Toes £45.00 £243.00
    Nipples / Navel Pubis / Peri Anal / Chin / Sideburns /Cheeks £55.00 £297.00
    Jawline / Underarms / Feet/Hands £65.00 £351.00
    Bikini (standard)/ Upper Lip & Chin /Neck £85.00 £459.00
    Buttocks / Half Face /Bikini & Underarms/Lower Arms £115.00 £621.00
    Lower Leg/Thigh/Chest/Half Back £130.00 £702.00
    Full Leg / Full Back & Shoulder £100.00 £756.00
    Lower Leg & Bikini/Full Leg/Full Back & Shoulders £155.00 £837.00
    Full Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms £165.00 £891.00

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