Are you suffering from hair loss or thinning hair?  Has it been a gradual process or something that has come on suddenly?  It’s unsettling you and you are upset by the fact your hair isn’t what it used to be.  You’re not sure if it’s hereditary, hormonal or you just haven’t had the time to look after yourself the way you used to?

Knowing why you are losing your hair can help you to take the appropriate action.

We can assess and help you with:
• Problems of the scalp
• Damage to the hair structure as a result of physical or chemical trauma
• Hair loss causing patchy or diffused areas

We can provide blood testing with results for reassurance and advice and referrals for treatment.

We work closely with surgeons for hair transplants, can give advice on styling wigs, camouflage make up and hair thickening products or medication for male or female pattern hair loss.
Our consultant works with hair surgeons & specialists in both Harley Street and Changes. Call now to find out why you may be losing hair prematurely?

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Trichology Consultation

Deborah Chester from Solent Trichology is here on a regular basis to work with our hair clinic team to better understand our patients' reasons for hair loss.
Tell Deborah about your hair loss or thinning condition and with assessment and (where required) blood tests she can reassure you with a reason for its origin.

Procedure Time
60 mins
Full Recovery
Duration Of Results


  • Available on request

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Over 50% of us will experience balding, thinning or lack of volume of hair during our lifetime. Our hair specialists help you to understand the cause & offer you a variety of solutions to give you back your crowning glory! We understand your condition, call now for a consultation!

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