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Known colloquially as ‘moob’ or ‘man boob’ reduction, gynecomastia is the medical name for the cosmetic procedure in which excess fat and sagging skin is removed from the male chest. It has become one of the most commonly-sought treatments for young men, with numbers of enquiries increasing by two-thirds in a year. It can cause embarrassment and distress in men, particularly in the more scantily-clad summer months.

What is a moob?

Moobs are excessive breast tissue which is produced as a result of a hormone imbalance – sufferers tend to have an increase of oestrogen or a hereditary condition. It can also be caused by being extremely overweight, though losing weight sometimes doesn’t remedy the situation. A blood test will tell you the reason for you storing fat in the breast area which is often a great relief and help for you to find a solution to this distressing condition.

Our surgical reduction procedure removes the excessive fat and restores the skin to produce a flatter, masculine shape. It’s successful as it can target the exact problem area, breaking up the fatty cells and then removing them.

A less invasive alternative is the ProMax Lipo treatment, which sends vibrating waves to the fatty layers, encouraging them to decrease in size. We can also offer skin-tightening procedures to improve the appearance of saggy skin around the breast area.

No matter which treatment you choose, our certified practitioner will talk you through your individual programme, ensuring you know what to expect and – more importantly – what the outcome could be.

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Promax Lipo

Promax Lipo is a totally non-invasive weight loss treatment to rid unwanted body fat and reduce body circumference. This safe and effective procedure takes 30-45 minutes
and uses ultrasound waves to selectively target fat cells without affecting neighbouring tissue. The fat cells become more permeable after treatment which allows transport of triglycerides (fat) out of the cell. The triglycerides are then removed via the body’s own immune cells over the following two to three months.

Procedure Time
45 Minutes
3 Weeks
Full Recovery
Duration Of Results
None Required


Gynaecomastia is often referred to as 'man boobs' or 'moobs.

Male chest reduction surgery for gynaecomastia uses liposuction to remove excess fat. Surgery may also involve the removal of glandular tissue and loose skin.

Procedure Time
1-2 hours
Full Recovery
2 weeks
Duration Of Results

Treatment area

  • Male breast tissue


  • Surgical Removal - from £2,950
  • Promax Lipo non surgical fat reduction from £49.83 for a course of 6 treatments

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