20 Dec 2014

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Planning to diet in the New Year again? Fed up of feeling like you just need more willpower? If you are getting back on that treadmill again in the New Year to lose weight, I’m guessing that means you’ve been here before. You’ve probably tried different weight loss clubs and diets in the past and found that if and when you reach your weight loss goal the weight simply piles back on?

Then ask yourself this – what if you learnt a method that meant you could manage your weight and didn’t have to keep trying to diet? What if you didn’t need to diet ever again? What if you learnt new skills that allowed you to manage your weight long term?


If you answer yes to the follow questions then this programme is for you –

Fed up of yoyo dieting?

Do you ever feel guilty or shame after eating?

Do you feel overly full after you eat?

I know what I should eat, but can’t follow it?

Would you like to increase your self-control over eating?

Do you night time snack?

Do you eat to cheer yourself up?

Do you eat to reward yourself, or because you are bored?

Do you ever start eating and can’t stop?

Do you feel constantly feel hungry?


How is our programme different?

To start with we don’t ask you to calorie count, weigh or measure out food, or deprive yourself of certain food groups.

We use increased awareness of your own personal situation and lifestyle to help you explore, identify and change your eating. We increase your motivation to help you maintain your willpower. We explore new coping styles with you and help you be realistic about your goals.

But we don’t stop there – to maintain your new eating habits and weight we then teach you to effectively monitor yourself. This means you will have learnt new skills that will last and therefore your weight will be manageable.

As well as helping you lose weight we look at changing your mind set about the role of food and eating.

But what if  –

I binge eat?

If you eat at speed or not really notice the taste or flavour of food it could be that you are bingeing which can lead to feeling disgust or annoyance at yourself. This often leads to periods of restricting what and how much you eat. Understanding the causes of bingeing will help you stop this unhealthy pattern of eating.

I eat because I’m feeling down, or I need to reward myself, or because I am bored?

Many of us emotionally eat or put another way use food to sooth ourselves. On this programme we show you how to recognise these signs and triggers and make meaningful changes. We will teach you to recognise when you are really hungry or eating for other reasons.

So are you tummy hungry or head hungry?

After reading this you may feel there are times when you can recognise that you are actually head hungry but unsure how to change this.


Does this programme really make a difference?

Yes because we will teach you to have a different and better relationship with food. We know that biologically if energy in and energy out match, your weight will stay the same. However trying to change or reach that level and maintain it, is affected by many different elements such as emotions, commitments, family, work and stress to name a few. This programme will teach you how to recognise these affects and work with you to make changes so that your weight is controllable.

Come and join us in our relaxed setting at Changes – where you can leave the stresses of the day behind and concentrate on yourself.

Professionally created and led, this programme will help you to develop your own skills to lose and control your weight and develop a healthier lifestyle.

In a non-judgemental way we can explore and discover why you eat the foods you do and support you to make lasting changes. We will work on changing your belief system about food and eating.

Over 6 weeks we will help you to set realistic individual goals, to increase your awareness about the role of food for you, help you understand why you eat and explore what emotions cause you to eat.

You can choose to join an individual 1-1 session or a group session.

How do you decide which would be the best for you?

Group sessions are with a maximum of 6 people and can be more useful if you like support from others and find it helpful to hear how other people are challenged by similar issues to yourself.

Individual sessions are for people who find it difficult to share personal issues with others, want intensive support or have a previously diagnosed eating disorder.



Gina’s Biography –

gina ingall pic jpg

Hi I’m Gina and I am professionally trained to help people explore and understand the links between their feelings, the thoughts they have and the way they behave. I help people focus their efforts on areas that are important to them and help empower people to meet their goals. I would describe myself as compassionate and calm and I work hard to build up trustworthy relationships with my clients.

I have over nine years of experience working with clients to help them make positive health changes. I have worked with a wide range of people from anorexia to overweight. I also have specialist experience working with clients who have had bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, band or sleeve). I work within the NHS and privately to help people change their weight. Every person’s story that leads them to look for support and help is unique and it’s important that people feel understood and listened to. I see it as a great privilege to be part of people’s journeys.

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