16 Jul 2020

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This stubborn fat is often the last to go, even if we are committed to the gym or a healthy diet. So, how can we get a little help to get rid of this unwanted fat . Well, there are 3 ways to get rid of fat from the body:

  • Liposuction – which removes fat by sucking it out of your body through a cannula – this is a surgical procedure carried out under general anaesthetic
  • Aqualyx – a complex micro-gelatinous injectable solution which consists of a release of product which coats the fat cell and calls necrosis (cell death). The fat is gone! Any fatty area of the body can be treated from armpit fat, braline bulges, love handles, thighs, arms, back and tummy.
  • Promax Lipo – ultrasonic cavitation & vaccum to break down a fat cell and cause it to let go of the lipids, turning it from a ‘juicy grape’ to a ‘flat raisin’! The fat cells are smaller & flatter!

Did you know that fat cells generally do not generate after puberty — if you grow in size the fat cells simply get bigger, we don’t get more! So, once the fat cell is removed or killed, that’s it, it’s gone!

Prices for the various procedures are:

Liposuction from £4000

Aqualyx for Chin £325 (currently £295)

Aqualyx for Body £400 per injection (currently £350)

Promax Lipo Treatment £75 per session (currently £299 for 6)

If you’d like more information on how to get rid of fat fast, or the best treatments to get rid of fat, just call 02392 382000 or email us confidentially on reception@changesclinic.co.uk

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