16 Jul 2020

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Do you have the odd skin tag or lots of them. We’re not entirely sure what causes them although it may happy when a little cluster of blood vessels or collagen get trapped inside skin. They are more common in areas where you have skin rubbing against clothing – perhaps you have a skin tag on your next from your collar rubbing, or on your bra line from where the straps rub?

Skin tags aren’t generally harmful (although keep an eye because a lot of them could be a sign of dietary issues). They can be bothersome! Just the fact they’re there for some of us is irritating. So how do you get rid of a skin tag.

It’s relatively simply here at Changes. We remove them in two ways, either with

  • Surgical removal: using a scalpel or surgical scissor. If they’re quite large and vascular they may need a stitch or two.
  • Electrosurgery: using Sterex electrical energy to burn them off.

It’s not painful and is relatively simple. If you have lots of skin tags we generally charge based on the time we take starting at £99 for 15 minutes.

To book just call us on 02392382000

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