27 Feb 2020

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Experience the ultimate facial at Changes Clinic!


Looking for a medical grade facial to remove excess oils and dirt from the skins surface and pores while deeply hydrating and plumping the skin?

What benefits can you expect from a Hydrafacial?

💧 Cleanse + Peel – The treatment unveils a new resurfaced layer of skin with gentle exfoliation

💧 Extract + Hydrate – The Hydrafacial extracts dirt and oils from the pores with painless suction while nourishing with moisturiser

💧Fuse +Protect – Using peptides and antioxidants to add a  youthful glow to the skin

For best results, a treatment once every 4- 6 weeks is recommended!

📞 02392 382000


Picture 1- Acne before and after

Picture 2- Fine lines and wrinkles before and after

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Covid-19 Operational Plan for PPE & Hygiene Guidelines

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