23 Mar 2020

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Recent studies show that when asked what we would like to change most about our smiles, the answer by a landslide was whiter teeth. This comes as no surprise to the majority of us… We all love a bright white smile!

I am happy with my teeth on the whole… however, if you asked me what I would change? The answer would be the same as the majority… Whiter teeth…

One of the primary concerns for the population when choosing to whiten the teeth understandably is long term damage. Megawhite gel causes no structure or enamel damage which is one of the things I personally felt was important when using a DIY kit. The gel also contains a non-peroxide formula. This is important as Peroxide can cause significant damage to the protective enamel of teeth if used too often or in high concentrations. With this kit already having the correct amount of product ready to use, it felt like a very safe, fool proof option.  

The process was very simple and easy to perform. There are 2 items in the packet, a handful of tissues (very helpful for the inevitable drool that will follow) and a sealed packet containing the mouth guard with the correct amount of gel already applied. It really is as simple as popping the tray in your mouth and setting the light for 15 to 30 minutes. After purchasing the kit, I made the decision to take it home with me. To see the results, I decided to take a photo of the before and after results. After finding the best natural light, for my photo I began the teeth whitening process. The cartridge fit comfortably in my mouth and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. I have tried DIY kits before that have been awkward and uncomfortable to sit with for the length of time required. I sat with a home LED light for 30 minutes as suggested on the pack.

The process was very simple. I kept the tissues to hand to pat my mouth when needed and caught up on a show while I waited. Occasionally, I could taste the product. It was very pleasant and minty unlike a few other kits I have tried in the past.  After 30 mins I removed the cartridge and popped it back into the bag provided. I then wiped away and extra product from my mouth and rinsed away the leftover gel.

I hurried to the bathroom, phone in hand ready to snap a picture and compare results. I was delighted to see it had clearly lightened my teeth. The results were very natural and effective. It removed the staining from my teeth and I can only imagine the impact a clinic light would have made in comparison. Megawhite promotes a pain free, safe, fast and effective experience which I feel it gave me. If you are looking for a quick effective solution to teeth whitening without spending upwards of £200, I would highly recommend this product!

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