25 Mar 2014

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We can get vouchers to you today or tomorrow if you need them for your mum!!!   You may want a voucher for a skin rejuvenating treatment or fat reduction Promax Lipo treatment.  We can have a gift voucher personalised and wrapped in a bow delivered in time for Mothers Day – choose your value.  Call now on 02392 382000 or email details to info@changesclinic.co.uk.  Teeth whitening £64.50, Promax Lipo £59, Peels from £89.

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Lip fillers What is it with women at the moment who think that unnaturally swollen lips resulting from the injection of excessive fillers look great?  It doesn’t enhance your appearance.  It just makes you look odd! OUT If you’d like a fuller lip but would like something a little more natural looking then seek a […]

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If it’s a liquid facelift you’re after with very little downtime and a price to suit your purse, then we can help! As we age, our skin tends to head south giving our lower face a heavier look, adding lines!  This can be exaggerated by a change in proportion of the face shape too and […]

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Great to receive this today! Changes Clinic: Local – Discreet – Trusted – Caring Call 02392 382000 to find out more!

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I’d been thinking about an upper blepharoplasty for a while.  My eye liner and mascara always managed to lick my lids giving me a double line unless I allowed it to dry.  Get rid of the droop, make me look fresher and 10 years younger with a simple procedure?  Yes, I think I could manage […]

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