09 Sep 2019

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Difference between botox injections vs dermal fillers

Our clients often ask “what is the best way to get rid of wrinkles?”

There are many methods to smooth skin and soften the signs of ageing, including clinical facials and medical grade skin care, such as Obagi.  Perhaps the most common method is with Botox or Dermal fillers, or perhaps both. Working in different ways, what is the difference between Botox and Dermal fillers?

Botox works with the muscle to relax the treated area, resulting in a smooth wrinkle free skin.  Dermal fillers are injected into the skin layer to plump out, give volume or, in some cases, re-contour the area.  A lip filler works in the same way – it volumises with insertion into the lip pockets.  There is a skill and art to conducting both treatments as you have to know where to go to get the best result. Knowing which areas of the face to inject or avoid is also crucial.

All of these anti wrinkle treatments must be carried out by a skilled medic who has a great understanding of the anatomy of the face, as well as the products they’re using.  They study for many years to gain this knowledge so anybody who has learned to carry out these botox injections in a few weeks or months with no medical background would be off my list of choice!  Do you really want to risk it?!

Here at the Changes Clinic, there are many patients who say that they wouldn’t have a Botox injection.  It’s been around for a long time – decades and was used in medicine to correct muscle areas way before it was used in aesthetics.

What is Botox?

Botox is actually a trade name of Allergan, but we use the name as if it was the treatment.  The correct terminology, perhaps, is to say you’re having a botulinum toxin A treatment.  There are many brands of Botulinum toxin A – Azzulure, Dysport, amongst others.  A practitioner recently shared a story with the team here at Changes Clinic to say how she was shopping for products on the web and came across a site selling her chosen filler and Botox filler much cheaper than her usual supplier.  She guessed at the price it was – half of her normal – it must have been fake! (Who knows what else is being sold on the web!)

If you’re not sure what your practitioner is using, just ask!

What are facial fillers?

There are a lot of filler brands around such as Juvederm Volbella, Volift, Ultra, Juvederm Smile, Princess.  Some last longer than others, some perform and give more volume than others.  If they’re significantly cheaper, it’s normally for a reason!

There’s an art to where you place a filler.  The way someone sees a face is a subjective view.  Whether you’re looking for a lip filler treatment, want to create fuller cheeks, redefine your jowl or fill nasolabial or mouth to chin lines.  Always choose a medic who has been trained, worked with many models prior to going live, and have had lots of experience.  We’ve all seen an odd looking face – whether it’s on tv or amongst friends?  There’s absolutely no need for this aesthetic treatment to do anything more than beautify you rather than trout pout you!

So, what’s the secret to finding the right place to have your Botox injection or dermal filler treatment?

Don’t choose from social networking, don’t base it on price and do choose a trusted reputable clinic.  After all, it is your face we’re talking about!

For more information on Botox Injections and Dermal Filler Treatment or to speak to our experienced, knowledgeable team, contact us here at Clinical Academy today.



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