Cosmetic Surgery & Treatments

Hair & HeadPrice
Hair Transplant ConsultationFREE
Scalp Transplant – FUE or FUTFrom £4,000
Scalp MicropigmentationFrom £400 per session; follicle presentation
Surgical RhinoplastyFrom £4,295


Eye TreatmentsPrice
Semi Permanent Makeup - eyebrows £450 with our expert Naomi O'hara
Surgical Brow LiftFrom £4,595
Surgical Upper Eye Bag/ Lid CorrectionFrom £2,999
Tear Trough Filler for Under Eye Bags£400
Plasma Elite Ionisation for saggy eyes£300 per treatment, £800 for 3 treatments


Lip TreatmentsPrice
Lip Hydration with Multi Point Filler£250 1ml Princess
£350 1ml Juvederm
£425 2ml Princess
Lip Filler/Smoker’s Lines –
£250 1ml Princess
£350 1ml Juvederm
£450 2ml Princess
Plasma Elite £149 per session
Semi Permanent Makeup – Liner£350
Semi Permanent Makeup Lip Liner/Full Blush£400 for blush
£575 for both
Plasma Elite skin resurfacing for Smoker's Lines£149 per session (2/3 normally required)


Face TreatmentsPrice
Non surgical face liftFrom £999
Facial Contouring, Face Reshaping, Jowl ReductionFrom £650
Skin Care Skin Analysis & AdviceFree
Medical Grade Skincare products - ObagiFrom £26
Chemical Peel£69
Pigmentation Removal – Laser/IPL From £99 for dark spots
Spider Vein/Red Spot/
Facial Thread Vein Removal/ Rosacea
From £99
Dermal Rolling/Collagen StimulationFrom £250

£180 (1 treatment)
£340 (2 treatments)
£600 (4 treatments)

£275 (1 treatment)
£500 (2 treatments)

Digital skin needling for scars, rejuvenation
face or face & neck
Lesion Removal – skin tag, milia, moleFrom £99 dependent on practitioner or doctor removal & time taken, PLUS histology essential for moles
Surgical Face LiftFrom £4,595
Skin tightening with Plasma Elite for eyes, lines, smoker's linesFrom £149
Cyst removal £50 consultation
From £325 treatment - price given on consultation


Neck TreatmentsPrice
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening£59
Plasma Elite for neck tightening£300 per session (2/3 usually needed)


Hair RemovalPrice
Upper lip or fingers or toes or nipples or eyebrows or earlobes, inner nose or ears£45
Course of 6 £243
Naval pubis or peri anal or chin or sideburns or cheeks£55
Course of 6 £297
Jawline or underarm or feet or hands£65
Course of 6 £351
Bikini (standard) or upper lip & chin or neck£ 115
Course of 6 £621
Buttocks or half face or Brazilian or bikini & underarm or lower arm or upper arm£130
Course of 6 £702
Lower leg or chest or half back or Hollywood£145
Course of 6 £783
full back & shoulders£175
Course of 6 £945


Wrinkle TreatmentsPrice
Anti-Wrinkle Injections – Botox£200 1 area
£250 2 areas
£300 3 areas
Dermal & Lip Fillers – Juvederm, Princess£250 1ml Princess
£350 1ml Juvederm
Face & Neck Tightening – radio frequency£99 per session
Obagi Product RangeFrom £26
Plasma Skin Tightening for fine lines & wrinklesFrom £149


Nose TreatmentsPrice
Non- Surgical Nose Reshaping £400
Surgical Nose ReshapingFrom £4,295



Weight Loss / Inch LossPrice
Fat & Cellulite Reduction£75 Per Treatment
£405 for 6
£720 for 12
Skin Tightening – Radio Frequency Face & Neck£85
£243 for 3
£459 for 6


Tattoo RemovalPrice
LaserFrom £55
Rejuvi - Non LaserFrom £90


Leg TreatmentsPrice
Laser Vein Removal
- spider veins, smaller veins
From £99
£50 for the consultation
Varicose Vein Removal£1,990 (both Legs)


Scar RemovalPrice
Stretch Mark ImprovementFrom £199
Scar CamouflageFrom £300
Dermal Rolling / Skin Needling£250


Lesion RemovalPrice
Mole Removal£50 consultation
£325 for 1
£425 for 2
Millia Removalmultiple removals
£99, £179 or £219 depending on time spent
Skin Tag Removalmultiple removals
£99, £179 or £219 depending on time spent
Pigmentation or dark spotsIPL treatment
£99, £179 or £219 depending on time spent
Cyst Removal£50 consultation
from £325 depending on complexity


Cosmetic SurgeryPrice (From)
Breast Augmentation (Day Surgery)£3,295
Breast Augmentation: Overnight stay£4,595
Breast Reduction£5,695
Breast Uplift & Augmentation£6,095
Male Breast Reduction (gynaecomastia) (Day patient)
Male Breast Reduction (gynaecomastia) (Overnight Stay)
Liposuction 1 Area£2,850
Liposuction 2 Areas£3,695
Liposuction 3 Areas£4,250
Liposuction 4 Areas£4,750
Liposuction - Chin£1,750
Vaser Lipo 1 Area£1,995
Vaser Lipo 2 Areas£2,995
Vaser Lipo 3 Areas£3,995
Vaser Lipo 4 Areas£4,995
Mini Tummy Tuck£4,995
Full Tummy Tuck£5,995
Thigh Lift£5,250
Fat Transfer£1,775
Arm Lift£4,695


Wellbeing ClinicsPrice
Migraine ReductionFrom £400



Credit for Plastic Surgery 

10 months interest free credit*

14% APR on credit 12-60 months*

*subject to status


Changes Clinic Limited operates Changeplan, a payment scheme that allows you to budget for the procedure or programme of procedures that you want and to spread payment over a number of months.  In this way, you enjoy the enhancement that you desire sooner and benefit from it for longer.

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