Would you like to wake up with a fresher look and definition to your eyes, lips or brows?  Imagine being able to step in the shower or swimming pool without worrying about losing your makeup! At Changes Clinic here in Portsmouth, we are the Experts in Permanent Makeup and Microblading.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is the art of applying tattoo ink (pigment) to replicate the look of makeup. Popular treatments include Eyebrow enhancement, eyeliner and lip colour.

We are the experts

It is highly important to get PMU treatments with an artist that you trust. At Changes Clinic your treatment will be done by award winning expert & global trainer, Naomi O’Hara, our medical artist & micro-pigmentation expert who has over 17 years’ experience. Naomi trains other artists too, so be assured you are in safe hands.


What is the difference between permanent and semi permanent makeup?

Permanent Makeup is also known as eyebrow tattooing, micropigmentation, semi permanent makeup and microblading. Microblading is inserting pigment into the skin using a hand tool and permanent makeup is inserting pigment into the skin using a needle in a machine.

How does it work?

In your initial consultation, Naomi O’Hara will help you to decide on the perfect pigment colour, definition, shape and technique to suit your skin type and features. You will be advised on the best style to enhance your face and give a natural, beautiful look! After your consultation, treatment can begin, followed by a second treatment around 6 weeks later (to allow for healing) for a touch up if required.

Treatments available:
  • A new shape brow or enhancement of your natural line with either microblading or a machine
  • More definition with eyeliner or eyelash enhancement
  • Areola reconstruction / Nipple reconstruction, enlargement or reduction
  • Medical tattooing for scar cover
  • Lip tattooing- blush, liner or both
  • Micropigmentation on the scalp to give density and make hair look thicker

Eyebrow Treatment

One of our most popular treatments is for the eyebrows. We are able to create hair like strokes for a natural looking brow. The pigment will give your brows and great shape and colour meaning you can ditch the brow pencil. Eyebrow microblading or PMU can last 18 months or more before a touch up process is needed, often longer. You can expect perfect brows and know you are in the right hands here at Changes Clinic.

Can semi-permanent makeup be removed?

Here at Changes Clinic, if the shape, colour or symmetry of micropigmentation is not the best it can be, we are able to help. We fix unwanted permanent makeup with correction or remove tattoo ink completely.

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    • Eyebrows - £395
    • Eyeliner - From £200
    • Lip Liner - £350
    • Full Lip - £575
    • Beauty Spot - £50
    • Life Changing

      Life changing! After having to draw my brows on for 23 years (over plucking) I can finally look at myself in the mirror and feel AWESOME! Thank you Naomi, you are wonderful! I whole heartedly recommend this fabulously, talented lady to change your life for the better! xx

    • Highly Recommended

      I had such a wonderful experience with Naomi yesterday and am thrilled with my new brows. The whole experience from start for finish was very professional and I felt I had plenty of input into what shape and colour would suit me best.! Some wouldn't understand however my new brows are literally a game changer and will give me so much more confidence when not wearing a full face of make up. Highly recommended!  T.Wheeler - Fareham

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