Our team of specialist surgeons & nurses carry out regular clinics to clear ears of waxy deposits.

Although Earwax is useful in the protection our ear canal from harmful bacteria, helping to lubricate and clean, it can also become a problem when wax builds up and is unable to be released, blocking our hearing channel causing hearing loss and sometimes infection.

You may have had your ears syringed in the past (a more invasive treatment), or perhaps your local GP is unable to carry out this treatment for you?

Ear micro suctioning is carried out with the use of a microscope & tiny vacuum, releasing wax and extracting it from your ear easily and with little, if any, discomfort.

Affordable, quick & efficient you can be booked at short notice with one of expert team!

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Treatment area:

  • Ears


  • Ear Micro Suction £85 (one or both ears)
  • Ear - Micro Suctioning

    What a truly fantastic place. I was in so much pain with ear wax problem. I walked into 'Changes' reception . Staff were so friendly and the surroundings were fantastic. My wife and I had a lovely cup of coffee and then within 2 minutes we were seen. Jules (the nurse) made me feel so relaxed and she was so chatty. If you need any kind of surgery then it seems that you need look no further than 'Changes' . Staff, facility's, value for money and peace of mind....What else do you need!

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